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The ability to see our patients is a key part of good care. I remember in medical school my professor would say that our ability to gather the patient's information about their complaint (the History component of the visit) and the physical exam should give us 85% of what we need to make an informed diagnosis. The ability to see our patient and talk with the patient and parent should give us a sense of reassurance that we can come up with an answer to the problem/symptom in front of us.

This pandemic has forced us to work with technology now more than ever. We are finally working with modern tools to better serve our patients right where they are at. While we have to be apart, we can maximize the visit with a telemedicine visit. This can be after hours as well as during office hours. We are hoping that there will not be a need to visit an Urgent Care or and Emergency Room during this time. Call us first. We can help better make that decision. Also, during this pandemic, insurances are waiving copays for these virtual visits. It will help tremendously, considering the high copays associated with Urgent Care and ER visits.

Our telemedicine visits are HIPPA compliant. That will make sure that your privacy is maintained. It's an app that you can have on your mobile device. It can be your contact with us when you need us. Call and let us set this up. I'm hopeful we can get a good video and instructions posted soon.

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